About Us

Our Vision

Your children deserve the right to proper education and upbringing.

One of the most important facets of raising children is for the parents to provide them with the right training. According to Islamic traditions, the best gift that parents can provide to their children is training that can help them live as responsible Muslim adults fulfilling the rights of Allah and others. This, then, can lead them to succeed in the hereafter as well.

The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi va sallam) said, “The best gift to children from parents is their correct training” (Tirmizi).

Educating children in such a way that they can be successful both in this life and the hereafter should be the supreme responsibility of parents. In today’s world, while it is common to see parents focus on the kind of education that can help them toward building the right careers and in making a living, the focus on Islamic education rarely gets its due focus. Depriving children of proper Islamic teachings can prevent children from building a close relationship with their creator Allah (swt), which is the cornerstone of all success in this life and the hereafter. A good religious education grounded in love of their Lord, on the contrary, can help them live a more peaceful life, deal with life’s challenges easily and maturely, and fulfill the rights and obligations of all around them (including the parents themselves), leading the children to grow up as better citizens of their communities and making them an integral part of the overall Muslim Ummah.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the barrier for our Muslim brothers and sisters living in countries where they do not have nearby facility available where their kids can formally join Quran School, hence their kids stay deprived of beautiful Islamic values.

We strive to bridge this gap and provide these individuals with a platform of our academy with the help of our experienced teachers and help them in resolving this particular issue of theirs.

Reason of Existence

As we are aware of the fact that our Muslims brothers and sisters living overseas cannot regularly stay in touch with Islamic institutions and practice their religious obligation in a way it should be, due to many unwilling circumstances. Since our Muslim bothers and sisters want themselves and their children to be fully aware of our religious values. Therefore we have taken this initiative to help them provide an atmosphere in which their children can grow accordingly to Islamic values in the hands of our highly experienced teachers. We provide you with a teacher who is well trained and provides you with a one-on- one online session according to your requirement with a flexible timetable for the entire week.

Our Trained Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified and are immensely equipped with experience, which we have built over many years of service. We have built certain techniques through which our teachers portray the lesson in a very simple way for the ease of your kid.

We conduct different seminars and workshops specifically for our teachers to help them enhance their teaching skills. We train them how to understand the psyche of your kid and get themselves to that level and then teach your kid in a very friendly environment according to his or her needs and wants.